Career Exploration Paper

Timeliness 1: The proposal for your project is posted in the discussion board by October 25 2: The project is completed and submitted no later than Dec 6 3: In addition to losing 10 points, projects posted after Dec 6 will incur a 10% deduction for each day beyond the due date.


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Career Exploration Paper
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1: The paper must focus a career that you are interested in, and must include an interview with someone in that field (NOT A FAMILY MEMBER). 2: Questions for the interviewee should be determined prior to the interview. The questions will be turned in along with your project. 3: The paper should be at least 7 pages in length (double spaces – 12 pt font)

Content 1: Introduction describing your field of interest, your background, and why this field is beneficial to society, your community and yourself. (1 ½ – 2 pages) 2: Biography section describing the person you are interviewing, their background, their position and any interesting details that emerge from the interview. (3 – 4 pages) 3: A concluding section describing what you learned because of the project and any actions that you might take as a result. (1 – 1 ½ pages) Application 1. Part of the project is that you apply for a scholarship, internship or other research

opportunity related to your degree path or career choice. Verifiable evidence of the application must be submitted with the project.


Style 1: The structure of the paper is organized and easy to read. Double spaced, 12-point font should be used. 2: The paper should be free of grammatical and spelling errors.


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