C#, C#, C#> threads, Mutex, Semaphore

Learning Goal: I’m working on a operating systems multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

PLEASE NOTE: Bid only if you able to do this task in 5 hours or less. Copied work from sites like c*h*e*g*g will not be accepted.

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C#, C#, C#> threads, Mutex, Semaphore
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Code should be in C#

The code should well explain in a form of comments.

Give the source code as well screenshots of the output

Give code within 5-6 hours of after accepting your bid

The attached screenshots are just examples for demonstration purposes only which you can use as a guideline

Question 1

a. Create a single-threaded application (main thread) that call three methods where:

The first method finds the Fibonacci of any integer and sleep for 4 seconds

The third method display the numbers from 100 to 150 sequentially and sleep for 2 seconds.

The third method do a nice task which you have to formulate yourself and let the thread sleep for 5 seconds.

b. Solve the above problem by now making use of multithreading where a thread is assigned to perform each of the above task.

c. Explain in your own words, what you notice when implementing the two programs.

Question 2

a. Implement the producer-consumer problem with bounded buffer of 20 products

using Mutex in C#

b. Implement the above solution using semaphore in C#



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