Business: Written Analysis

Select two profession that: 1. Are air-tight aligned in profession usages and/or products or are plain competitors, 2. Have publicly above-board troop knowledge (web-based) allied to the guide factors you conciliate excite, and 3. Are frequently reviewed/written environing in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and/or New York Times BUSINESS OF MY CHOICE -Facebook & Twitter Exploration the subjoined guide factors: 1. Government plea in usage 2. Strategic Planning course utilized and outcomes 3. Organization Structure – Leadership and Government effectiveness/styles 4. Human Resources government usages 5. Corporate Responsibility efforts/outcomes 6. Financial outcomes Prepare a written exploration partition that includes the subjoined: 1. Overview and description of the companies and why you selected them to con-over 2. Describe the course you utilized to exploration and excite the companies guide factors 3. Present a relatively partition of the guide factors allied to the companies 4. Detail your evidence for either undivided of the companies and buttress your vindication The written partition is to be no short than 8 typed pages (1” margins, 12pt font, wrap spaced ) and MUST BE APA FORMAT!!!!!


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