Business website and reaching social media platforms

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Creating a business website and reaching social media platforms play an essential role in the business world to attract new customers, companies use social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. One of the reasons that companies like to use social media because social networking sites give companies the opportunity to interact with their customers. Customers’ comments on Twitter or Facebook benefit such companies to know the costumers’ needs. As a result, companies will be able to identify the best digital marketing strategies regarding costumers’ feedbacks. In addition, social media simplifies the consumer’s accessibility to a company’s products and its offers. Some companies utilize hashtags to help costumers identify them easily. Therefore, social media such a great tool for marketing any business. The social media platforms have influenced the development and growth of the business companies in sultanate of Oman and that related to the population of people using the social media platforms. Sultanate of Oman had reported a record of 4.14 million social users, and this was equivalent to 80.2% of total country population in January 2021 (Kemp ,2021). Therefore, all different types of Omani business ownership forms prefer to use the social media platforms to reach their large target market at lower cost. The below figure shows the most used social media platforms in Sultanate of Oman, December 2020:

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Business website and reaching social media platforms
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