Business Impact Analysis

Business Impact Analysis

  1. In one to two paragraphs, summarize the objective of conducting a BIA for your selected company. Describe the benefits, potential outcomes, and company enhancements.
  1. Obtain the list of threats against the assets identified in your Topic 5 assignment, “Risk Management Assessment and Control,” and place them in a table.
  1. Prioritize this list from highest impact to lowest impact to the company.
  1. Add a column and describe how loss of the process, system, data, etc., will impact the company.
  1. Assuming worst-case scenario, add a column and describe the appropriate measures to recover from the threat.

Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

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Business Impact Analysis
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Establish a DRP Policy in one to two pages that contains the following in alignment with the company:

  1. Purpose
  1. Scope
  1. Roles and responsibilities
  1. Resource requirements
  1. Training requirements
  1. Exercise and testing schedules (include IRP exercise and schedules)
  1. Plan maintenance schedules


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