Building the Company’s Image

If I was granted $35K to help build the company’s image within the community, I will start by reaching out to the local after schools programs within the community. See if the need school supplies such as pencils, notebooks, backpacks for the kids. I think the after school program for most of the community are neglected and need allot of help. I believe this will give the community a great why to better the after school program and give the company a better social responsibility with the community. I know here in Arizona some school stop the after school program that had to do with technology, even if they had a lot of kids interested in the program the schools cannot provide more money to better the program. If the community sees that the company cares about the program and the future of our next generation it will show that the company not only cares about profits but to also give back to the community. Another thing that can help is to provide equipment to the athletic department of the schools. If the company allows the employees to participate in events when the donation are been drop of to the community it will bring great pride to the employees.

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Building the Company’s Image
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