Building a Plan

Building your first business plan may seem extremely formidable. This may explain why there

are so many software packages available to assist in this task. After building your first business

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Building a Plan
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plan, that steep learning curve should make subsequent plans for the business or other

businesses significantly easier.

In preparing to build a business plan, there are some problem areas or mistakes that you should

be on guard to avoid. Some may be technical in nature, while others relate to content issues. For

the technical side, first and foremost, one should make sure that there are no misspellings or

punctuation errors. The business plan should follow a logical structure. No ideal business plan

clearly specifies the exact sections that need to be included nor is there an ideal length.

Literature concerning business plans indicates that the appropriate length of the body of a

business plan line should be between twenty and forty pages. This does not include appendixes

that might provide critical data for the reader.

In developing a lengthy report, sometimes it is easy to fall into clich├ęs or overused expressions.

These should be avoided. Consider the visuals in the report. Data should be placed in either

clearly mapped-out tables or well-designed graphs. The report should be as professional looking

as possible. Anticipate the audience that will be reading the report and write in a way that easily

reaches them; avoid using too much jargon or technical terms.

The content in any business plan centers on two areas: realism and accuracy.


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