1.  The current system for allocating budgets for the local depots of a national office-cleaning company gives each depot a fixed sum of £35,000 plus an extra £500 for each corporate client in the area the depot covers.

(a)  Express the budget allocation model as an equation.

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(b)  Use your equation from (a) to work out the budget allocations for the following depots:

(i) Ashford, which has 43 corporate clients

(ii) Byfleet, which has 29 corporate clients

(iii)  Croydon, which has 66 corporate clients

(c)  A new accountant at the company head office wants to alter the budget allocation model by reducing the fixed sum to £20,000 and increasing to £800 the extra for each corporate client. What changes will these alterations mean for the depots in (b)?


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