In your own words, answer this unit’s discussion questions in a main post (recommended minimum 300 words)


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Assignment Details

Budgeting is a powerful tool for all businesses. Budgets play a vital role for both the public and private sectors in the development of a sound business strategy.

  • Discuss why budgets are so important for all organizations.
  • Describe some advantages and disadvantages to budgeting.

In your replies to others, share your knowledge and experiences with budgets that you may have encountered within an organization or public entity.

Using a product that you regularly purchase as the example (any good  or service that is not the same as your Course Project), write a one and a half – two -page summary that answers the following four questions.

  1. Who are the target customers?
  2. What do the target customers want?
  3. What other products, companies, or disruptive technologies is it competing with?

Please follow APA seventh edition guidelines and submit your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.


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