Brain and Behavior

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Brain and Behavior
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For this Discussion Board, you will explore various parts of the brain and their role in our day-to-day functioning.

The assignment fulfills/supports:

  • Module Outcome: 1
  • Course Outcomes: 1, 3
  • General Education Competencies: 1, 2, 5

The Assignment:

For this Discussion Board, complete the following steps:

Step 1

Each student will write about a specific ACTION, based on the first letter of their last name. Refer to the list below to determine which ACTION you should write about in your initial post:

  • Last names starting with A, B, C or D- your action is: giving someone directions to the FTCC Bookstore.
  • Last names starting with E, F, G or H- your action is: driving a car.
  • Last names starting with I, J, K or L- your action is: running from a bear.
  • Last names starting with M, N, O or P- your action is: cooking scrambled eggs.
  • Last names starting with Q, R, S, T or U- your action is: typing an email.
  • Last names starting with V, W, X, Y or Z- your action is: ice skating.

Step 3

  • In your initial post, explain (in detail) WHICH of the following brain structures are involved in the execution of your assigned action and HOW each is involved:
    1. Thalamus
    2. Amygdala
    3. Hippocampus
    4. Hypothalamus
    5. Medulla
    6. Pons
    7. Cerebellum
  • Secondly, explain (in detail) how your assigned action would be impacted by damage to each of the chosen structures. You should discuss each structure individually.

Citing Sources: You must use APA style to reference your source(s) at the end of your submission. For this assignment, you must include reference information for your textbook and other outside sources. Information on how to format reference information (including a reference generator) in APA style can be found on the Purdue Online Writing Lab website at (opens in a new window).

Acceptable Length: 300-500 word (minimum) initial post; reflective responses to at least THREE classmates.

Formatting Requirements:

  • Use 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font
  • Use double line spacing in the document
  • 1-inch margins all around


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