Book/Rhetorical Analysis of Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus

Select a book and have it approved by me. The book should be intended for an adult audience and contain complex ideas and writing, so no Young Adult Fiction. Read the book over the course of several weeks. As you read, employ close reading strategies we have discussed in class (annotations, questions, or a graphic organizer). Create a list of interesting quotations for you to analyze and close read in your paper. Select an element of literature or rhetoric we have discussed in class to write about. You will use the quotations you found to discuss it. You should address the effect the author wants to have on the audience, how he or she achieves it, and what the purpose is behind it. In your analysis, do not just rely on the quotations. You must elaborate and contribute original analysis about your chosen element in this text. The due date will be announced in class, on Canvas, and be posted on the board. The assignment must be typed, Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced, 2-3 pages. You must submit the final assignment to this assignment page on CANVAS or turn it in via paper or email.

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Book/Rhetorical Analysis of Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus
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