Book Walk Lesson Plan

Planning effective English language arts lessons many times includes focusing on multiple literacy skills, aligned to state or national standards, while incorporating interesting, student-centered materials. When focusing on reading, it is essential to model metacognitive strategies, before, during, and after reading, including relevant vocabulary. A book walk is a powerful pre-reading strategy that can be used at all elementary grade levels. This strategy exposes students to a new piece of literary or informative text, while predicting text content and exploring vocabulary.

Throughout this course you will be creating a literature unit based on one piece of grade-appropriate literature (fiction or non-fiction) that includes all areas of reading development. Select a piece of literature suitable for the students in the “Class Profile.”

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Book Walk Lesson Plan
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Create a lesson plan that incorporates a book walk,

Incorporate the following into your lesson plan:

  • Objectives aligned to state or national grade-appropriate vocabulary and reading standards
  • Content-specific vocabulary development
  • Technology or multimedia that supports developmentally appropriate, engaging instruction
  • Pre-reading strategies and activities
  • During  reading strategies and activities
  • Post-reading activities and strategies
  • Assessment aligned to learning objectives, that is engaging for the student and provides      meaningful feedback
  • Differentiation to meet particular learning differences or needs

In addition, rationalize your instructional choices in a 250-500 word reflection, including how you will apply your findings to personal professional practices related to instruction and differentiation in the English language arts classroom


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