“Blockchain for dummies” and “The Founder’s Handbook” book Review

– Read the books “Blockchain for dummies” and “The Founder’s Handbook” to get the basic understandings on blockchain.

– Read the report “How blockchain technology could change our lives” and the article “The Truth about Blockchain” to understand the applications of blockchain and to deepen your understandings on blockchain.

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“Blockchain for dummies” and “The Founder’s Handbook” book Review
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– When you read the books/report/article, you can skip the technical contents and focus on managerial contents.

– Write an essay to answer questions as follows.
1. What blockchain is and how it works;
2. Discuss the potential use of blockchain in businesses, such as finance, and supply chain.
3. What are your opinions about the future of blockchain and explain why?

– The requirements for writing the essay:
1. Paper needs to be professionally formatted with cover page, page number, and table of content;
2. Paper needs to be 1.5-line spaced, five (5) to ten (10) pages of text (not include cover page, table of content, or reference list), all 1” margins, and Time New Roman font with size of 12;
3. Appropriate citations must be included. Inappropriate citations may cause plagiarism, which may result in “F” for your semester grade and disciplinary actions. Citations and bibliography must be formatted using APA sty


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