Black Female Radicalism

· Sexual racism is not new experience for black women. It has been drowned out but is ingrained in American culture and has contributed to the specific perspective of black women in order to justify the creation in the United States. According to Harvard University “Since enslaved people were first brought to this country, promoters of anti-Black racism and white supremacy have co-opted the authority of science to justify racial inequality. A history of pseudoscientific methods “proving” white biological superiority and flawed social studies used to show “inherent” racial characteristics still influence society today.” The prejudice embedded in the science transcended beyond that field and into the social realm influencing and perpetuating dynamics already established. The science was used to try and justify the abuse of black people and women. By the early to mid-20th century, polygenism and biology-based racism were widely disproven, and racism in social science had gained popularity. Black features have been deemed ugly and abrasive, almost animalistic, therefore it is justified to be placed in a zoo to be viewed. Saartije “sara” Baartman was a south african woman born in 1789 who fell victim to sexual trafficking and exploitation, a problem plaguing the black communnity today. Bartmaan was brought into domestic servitude by colonists, enslaved and sold throughout Europe. Bartmaan was sold to S. Reaux, an animal exhibitor who put her on display in Paris in 1814. She was sexually abuse by men willing to oay and had no conntol as trhe courts allowed her contract to remain in tact. Scientific racism directly impacted the treatment of black women. The fallacies in regard to our bodies and our ability to endure has impacted our experience, impacting our perspective, impacting our expression.

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Black Female Radicalism
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