Black Death

Answer the following questions. Try to answer directly, and provide explanations and examples where appropriate:

  1. In general: What do modern researchers and historians think the Black Death was? What were its main causes and symptoms? What impact did it have on human societies in the 14th century? Did it impact all people equally?
  2. Looking at the “Primary Source Document”: What did the 14th-Century Paris Medical Faculty think the Black Death was? What did they think had caused it? What do you think of their explanations?
  3. Look at the “Visual Document.” This is a “plague suit,” used by some people in the 14th century to help ward off the plague. Re-read the document titled “Report of the Paris Medical Faculty.” Comparing these two documents, state and explain any one way in which the suit makes sense given the Paris medical faculty’s theories about how the plague was spread. Then state and explain any one way in which it does NOT seem to make sense. Remember, judge the suit against the Paris Medical Faculty’s ideas, not against modern scientific ideas.
  4. How does the 14th Century “Black Death” compare with our current COVID pandemic? What are some potential similarities or differences? Are there any particular lessons we can learn now from what happened 600 years ago?.
  5. ..…

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