Biotechniques Review Article

Biotechniques Review Article

Please write a biotechniques review article on high-throughput techniques for genetic analysis, focusing on next gen sequencing and microarray technologies Your review should include the following:

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Biotechniques Review Article
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  • Abstract
  • A summary of your thesis/main idea and the biotechnique(s) that you will examine in

your review.

  • Introduction
  • Introduce your biotechnique
  • Outline what you will discuss throughout the review
  • Frame the paper with your thesis/main idea
  • Tell your audience why your technique(s) is important and why you reviewed the

literature in this topic area

  • Body
  • The body can take different forms depending on your topic and how you want to

present it (e.g., if there are several variations of a given technique, you may decide to

compare and contrast the various methods; you may also choose to discuss various

ways that your technique(s) has been used to gain new insights into biological systems;


  • If this is helpful, break your review up into sections (e.g., if you are reviewing three

different related methodologies, then you can break your body into three main


  • Go through all of the literature in detail, in a clear and organized fashion


  • Discussion/Conclusion
  • Restate your thesis/main idea
  • Wrap up your review by bringing everything together and making sure it is clear what
  • conclusions you draw about your biotechnique based on the research studies you read

and analyzed.

  • References
  • Make sure your references are formatted correctly and all present
  • This paper is all about the references! Cite everything that you discuss.


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