Big Data’s Velocity Characteristic

The results from the SLR and from the Discussion also reveal some very interesting facts. For instance, more than 50% of the studies do not verify their proposals with real-world datasets. Big Data’s velocity characteristic is not justified by 90% of the studies. ER is the most used model at the conceptual abstraction level, document-oriented is the most researched model at the logical abstraction level and MongoDB DBMS is the most frequent implementation at the physical level. Moreover, as the main gaps, we identified the lack of proposal evaluations and a few studies focused on query-driven methodology and hybrid database solutions.

The contribution of this SLR study, by clarifying the knowledge on the specific topic of Big Data modeling, can support researchers and practitioners in improving their Big Data projects. The relevant works collected can be a useful starting point to new studies into Big Data modeling.

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Big Data’s Velocity Characteristic
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Finally, we know that, due to the need to analyze large volumes of data with a variety of structures, which arrive in high frequency, database research became more focused towards NoSQL. However, NoSQL DBMSs have not been able to acquire some strengths that are already present in relational databases, such as the ability to support Consistency and Availability at the same time; for this reason, NewSQL has emerged and may pose a solution to the problems faced by both DBMSs. As a future work, we also expect to study this new database system.

We hope to keep the SLR up to date and present results for other concepts. Moreover, based on the gaps, we will drive our research in these aspects.


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