Benefits of Telehealth Technology

Improves the access to care for the patients.

It lowers the costs of care for the patients through the reduction of overhead costs(Martinez, 2020).

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Benefits of Telehealth Technology
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Telehealth technology is beneficial because it promotes a preventive care.

There is evidence from some studies to imply that patients who use telehealth spend less time in hospitals, which results in cost savings. Additionally, reducing the amount of time spent commuting might result in cost savings in areas such as transportation and child care. Access to medical care is facilitated for individuals with impairments by the use of telehealth (Martinez, 2020). Access can also be improved for other groups of individuals, such as persons who are geographically isolated, people who are incarcerated, and older folks. People may find it simpler to have access to preventative treatment, which is beneficial to their health in the long run, with the help of telehealth. This is especially true for individuals who face financial obstacles or geographical obstacles in their pursuit of adequate medical treatment.


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