BBA of Business Administration

Hello, I’m doing BBA of business administration, I have an assessment  to make for tomorrow in accounting   . in attachment you will find the details of the assessment. Thank you


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BBA of Business Administration
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You must answer all the questions in the proposed business case.
This task assesses the following learning outcomes:
• Understand inventory costs.
• Financial analysis and decision making.
• Demonstrate understanding of the Balance Sheet and the accounting equation.
• Apply acquired knowledge and skills to prepare an income statement and a statement of retained earnings.
LAUNCH: Week / DELIVERY Via Turnitin on Moodle.
Submission file format: Excel document with all the answers, clearly identifying all steps, results, journals and including comments besides each answer.
Anthony Brown opened a store selling SEAT motorcycles on January 1, current year. The following are the business transactions for the year 2020.
Jan. 1 Anthony Brown invested €400,000 cash in the business in exchange for 4,000 shares of capital stock.
Jan. 31 A store was purchased for €600,000. A cash payment of €150,000 was made at the time of the purchase, and a note
payable maturing on Dec 31st current year was issued for the remaining balance.
February 28
March 10
Office furniture was purchased for €150,000 cash. The furniture is planned to be replaced for new in 4 years time.
Acquired 10 electric silence motorcycles for € 3000 each. The invoice has terms 3/0/n30 and Anthony decides to
pay cash.




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