Basic Components of a Mission Statement

Basic Components of a Mission Statement

The nine basic components of a mission statement are to keep it short, unique to the business, creates expectations, realistic, memorable, active, positive, adaptable, and targeted (Quain, 2019, para. 2-10).  It is important to include as many of these components as possible because it helps capture the purpose and goal of the business.  It is important that the mission statement is clear so it does not confuse the audience.

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Basic Components of a Mission Statement
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A SWOT analysis is a very important step in the strategic planning process because it specifically identifies the weaknesses and threats that can be addressed to become more competitive and possibly get the competitive advantage and be ahead of the competition.  It also identifies the strengths and opportunities in which the organization can capitalize on and use to their advantage.  It is also important because in order for an organization to have a strategic plan that will be successful, they must know where they stand in comparison to the competition.  A


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