Bartolome de Las Casas

Instructions: All essays must be written in your own words. You may consult additional reliable sources if you wish to. Do not cut and paste paragraphs from books or websites. No need to use footnotes unless you have a direct quotation. Simply list all sources at the end of your essay using the format in either the Chicago Manual of Style or the MLA. You could either paste your essay in the submission box in Canvas or upload it as a.doc (MS Word document) or .pdf file (Adobe Acrobat). No other file formats are acceptable.

. Write at least 4-5 sentences for each question, especially Q. 5.

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Bartolome de Las Casas
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  1. Who was Bartolome de Las Casas?
  2. How did Bartolome de las Casas’ background influence his views of the Native Americans?
  3. What were the New Laws of the Indies?
  4. What was the impact of Las Casas’ work in Spain?
  5. Explain the differences between the views of Las Casas and Sepulveda (Valladolid Debates) regarding indigenous peoples?


Sepulveda and Las Casas Debate (Links to an external site.)

Las Casas-Sepulveda Controversy (Links to an external site.)

Gilder Lehrman Institute (Links to an external site.)

New Laws of the Indies (Links to an external site.)

Bartolome de Las Casas (Links to an external site.)


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