Backyard Pollinators

Backyard Pollinators

Format Introduction • This section will introduce the topic, describe the state of the literature, and conclude with what you are doing • Start broadly and describe the topic Describe functional ecology for the pollinators and the flowering plants You can look at the BYP materials on Canvas for help • Describe the literature and discuss what other research has been done on this topic • Conclude by describing what you will be doing This will be your quadrants, but it will be stated in past tense I suggest reading the introduction sections of scientific articles to see how they formatted this section

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Backyard Pollinators
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Methods • This is where you will describe what you did in past tense • Explain with enough detail that I can repeat what you did and include: o Quadrat size, how you selected where to put your quadrats o The type of data you collected, what each group member contributed o Describe the types of insects you were looking for • Anything that you did pertaining to collecting data should be described
Results •


This section will describe the data, NO interpretation of what it means, that is in the Discussion o Describe the data with words in this section • This section will include figures that visually represent your data o Each figure should have a figure number (i.e., Figure 1) and have a text description immediately following it • Please see how scientific articles completed this process


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