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According to Chapter 8 of Backpack Writing, it discusses reflection essays. It states that: “A successful reflection challenges readers to learn something about themselves.” In other words, the writer should write a compelling reflection that allows readers to contemplate their own lives. In this assignment, you are to use Jean Piaget’s theory and relate it to your own life. In this regard, the event or idea you reflect on should not be told in such a narrow way that it is only about your individual experience. You will merely use your individual experience to express a universal idea. What experience have you had that taught you something other readers might experience, relate to, or learn from in regards to Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Development? Please take your time on this assignment. Watch your grammatical errors, comma splices, and run on sentences for your best chance at success on this assignment. I am not so much worried about the experience (as long as it can be related back to the theory) but I am looking to see the way you connect the theory to your personal experience. Please note: This assignment gives you an opportunity to see the theory first hand in your experience. I will be very thorough with this assignment. There will be NO redoing submissions. Please take your time. Wow me! Wikipedia is not considered a reference.

Resources you can use:

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Backpack Writing
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Chapter 8 to an external site.

Chapter 1 ks to an external site.

Thesis Tips to an external site.


Assignment Specifications

• 3 pages (approx. 600-700 words) • You need two sources. They MUST be formatted correctly or deductions of

points will occur.




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