Aviation History

Write a 2 page comparative critique of three scholarly articles related to aviation history during the time period between 1903 and the 1960’s. The topic can include a specific event, invention, individual or organization that had a significant impact on aviation. If possible, find articles that could potentially be used in your Research Paper. The student will research and select one primary article written ten years ago or less that details an historical event, invention, individual or organization in aviation that has relevance today. The student will write a 2 page paper summary of the article with supporting or contrasting information from at least two other articles.

Good practices of writing comparative critiques should be in use. In essence, you are comparing and contrasting these articles. You should thoroughly acquaint yourself with the articles, build a frame of reference from which to write, and form a thesis statement for your paper which captures the main focus of your argument. The comparative critique must be 2 pages in addition to the title and reference pages. The critique must be submitted as a Word document in APA format, however, an abstract is not required.

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Aviation History
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