Autism Intervention Review


Being able to identify, critically review and appropriately apply evidence-based interventions is a critical aspect of special education. This ensures that students access interventions that are supported by research and are relevant to their needs and other factors. For this assignment, you will practice this review process. Through the selection of an evidence-based intervention, you will critically review the strengths and weaknesses of the intervention and its generalized value to individuals with ASD.

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Autism Intervention Review
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Select a single evidence-based intervention for individuals with ASD to research. Your research review should address:

1. An introductory paragraph that connects your philosophy of education to your selected intervention.

2. A description of the intervention, including strengths and weaknesses with references to support.

3. A critical review of the perceived effectiveness of the intervention with references to support the evaluation of effectiveness. Address if this intervention is a scientifically based practice, a promising practice, or supported with limited research.

4. A specific profile of an individual with ASD who might respond best to this intervention with explanation.

5. 5–8 questions you would pose to help families and other team members decide if this intervention is appropriate for a specific individual with ASD.

6. A concluding paragraph that summarizes your research findings.

7. A personal reflection discussing your research findings and learning while integrating a biblical worldview.


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