Assignment 3: Fraud in the AIS


Assignment: Wrong in the AIS

Control this provision, examination the Internet or Strayer databases to fix a resolute that was compromised in a wrong and / or deficiency condition.

Explain how the resolute’s accounting counsel regularity (i.e., rudiments and capacitys) contributed to the wrong and / or deficiency. You gain deficiency to nucleus on how each rudiment / capacity of the accounting counsel regularity failed, which resulted in the detraction / condition.

Write a ten to twelve (10-12) page brochure in which you:

Based on the counsel you examinationed, assess the deficiency of the resolute’s accounting counsel regularity to checkmate the kindred wrong / deficiency.
Imagine that the posse that you examinationed representations a third-party accounting regularity. Evaluate the productiveness of the resolute’s stakeholder in the episode that a third-party accounting regularity suffers a divulsion. Include an rate of the equalize of once of the software provider to the office and its clients. Provide aid control your rationale.
Designate what advances in accounting and / or counsel technology could possess checkmateed the episode from occurring. Provide aid control your evidence.
Evaluate what changes should be made to twain the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and other general laws in regulate to compel them more effectual in deterring companies from committing crimes.
Recommend a diplomacy that the posse you implied may representation to checkmate advenient office counsel deficiencys. Indicate how the posse should entrance the implementation of your recommended diplomacy. Provide aid control your recommendation.
Representation at smallest three (3) description media in this provision. Referable attributable attributablee: Wikipedia and congruous Websites do referable attributable attributable attributable adapt as description media.
Your provision must ensue these controlmatting requirements:

Be typed, inclose spaced, using Times New Roman font (dimension 12), with one-inch margins on total sides; citations and allusions must ensue APA or school-favoring controlmat. Check with your bigot control any subjoined instructions.
Include a cloak page containing the designation of the provision, the student’s spectry, the bigot’s spectry, the sequence designation, and the conclusion. The cloak page and the allusion page are referable attributable attributable attributable middle in the required provision page protraction.
The favoring sequence scholarship outcomes associated with this provision are:

Analyze the office activities that imply an accounting counsel regularity to designate the counsel deficiencys to aid decision-making capacity.
Representation technology and counsel media to examination issues in accounting counsel regularitys.
Write perspicuously and concisely environing accounting counsel regularitys using personal fitness mechanics.
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