Art Proposal

First, view this with examples. The files and folders included are real, successful proposals written to galleries, venues, and conferences. In this project, you will write a proposal for a project to an appropriate public forum be it a gallery show, publication, conference, product launch, performance series, concert venue, website, socially-engaged happening, outdoor sculpture or architecture project, and so on. Feel free to be speculative and imaginative. Use a real project you have completed that you want to show off or use this as an opportunity to envision a project you have always wanted to do but would need a public venue and grant money for. Make it look professional. The proposal must have at least four sections: formal outline (the “What”), conceptual outline (the “Why”), logistical requirements (the “How”), and at least three supporting images. More specifics like floorplans, budgets, and materials are welcome too.

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Art Proposal
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