Chapter 16 Study Guide

Note: Know the style of the art/architecture presented. You don’t have to memorize the names of the paintings/sculptures. For the music links provided, listen to them, you will hear music in the exam, but you will not see any information.

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1) What does the term Enlightenment refers to?

2) What did the 18th century political and philosophical ideals included?

3) Who were the philosophes?

4) What is rational humanism and what did rational humanists believe?

5) The logic that humans must be free to think for themselves links the rational humanists with which United States and French political documents?

6) What are some broad concepts that rationalism generated?

7) What was a major cause that precipitated the American Revolution?

8) When was the Declaration of Independence adopted by the Continental Congress?

9) Who was the first president of the United states?

10) In what year was the 19th amendment- granting women the right to vote- added to the US constitution?

11) How was the French situation different from the American one in the quest for a constitution that would give them life, liberty, and the right to own property ?

12) In order to suppress its enemies, what did the Committee of Public Safety did during the so called Reign of Terror?

13) What is the name of the leader who restored the monarchy in France?

14) What was the Napoleonic Code?

15) Which revolution marked a shift from monarchy and absolutism to republicanism and democracy?

16) Overall, what did the enlightenment ideals embodied in both the French and American revolutions did for other nations?

17) What does the Industrial Revolution refers to?

18) What are the new sciences that were defined during the scientific revolution?

19) What are some characteristics of the Rococo style found in this painting? (see note under image 16.1 in your book) Who is the artist that created it?

A picture containing text, nature, painting  Description automatically generated

20) What are some rococo style characteristics present in the interior design of this Salon?

WICE - VF181 Hotel De Soubise: The Finest Private Mansion in Marais district


21) What is a mock epic?

22) What is Neoclassicism ?

23) Who painted this Neoclassical composition-Oath of the Horatii- which came to be associated with the French revolution? A picture containing building, outdoor, old, stone  Description automatically generated





24) What are the characteristics present in Copley’s Watson and the Shark that anticipate the painting of the next century?

A group of people in a boat  Description automatically generated with medium confidence

25) Who created this neoclassical sculpture of George Washington?

Marble Statue of George Washington by Jean-Antoine Houdon, circa 1794







26) Know the name of the architect, location and architectural style of Monticello

House & Gardens at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello | Thomas Jefferson's  Monticello

27) What genre of literature rose to significance during the 18th century in Europe?

28) What is a Symphony?

29) What are some of the characteristics of the music during the classical period that composer Hayden helped stablish?

30) Know the name of the composer, genre of music, and musical style of the “surprise Symphony” (the example below is the second of four movements in total):

31) Who is the greatest of the classical composers?

32) Know the name of the composer, genre of music, and musical style of the Symphony no. 40 in g minor (the example below is the first of four movements in total):

33) what is the name of the composer considered a bridge between the classical and the romantic styles of music?

34) What is one of the most significant experiences of Beethoven’s life which nearly made him commit suicide?

35) Briefly describe the three periods of Beethoven’s music:

36) Know the name of the composer, genre of music, and musical style of the Symphony no. 5 in C minor (the example below is the first of four movements in total):


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