What is Arsenic?


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Arsenic is a widely distributed element in the earth’s crust and is recognized as a toxic and carcinogenic substance. Arsenic is widely used as a pesticide, herbicide, wood preservative, semiconductor material, and feed additive. These anthropogenic pathways have introduced large amounts of arsenic into the environment, increasing the concentration and distribution of arsenic in environmental water bodies. In recent years, in some countries, especially Bangladesh, China, and Mongolia drinking water sources are found in concentrations that can lead to acute and chronic human poisoning of arsenic. Therefore, the arsenic in drinking water has caused great concern. Given the great danger of arsenic to human health and the increasing severity of arsenic pollution, in 1993, the WHO took the lead in the indicator value of arsenic in drinking water from 50 μg / L to 10 μg / L. Subsequently, the European Union, Japan, the United States, respectively, their drinking water arsenic standards for 10 μg / L.


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