Argumentative research essay and Persuasive research essay

A successful assignment submission meets rubric criteria (Content, Organization, Style/Language, and Sentence Structure/Grammar) and follows the assignment prompt. Completing this assignment should enable you to brainstorm a topic, create a research plan, evaluate sources, compose an argumentative/persuasive essay, and integrate source material. (MO 1,2,3,4,5)

This is a final draft.  Your essay must be in MLA format. There are no page length or word count requirements. Organize this essay like any typical essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Complete and submit the assignment

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Argumentative research essay and Persuasive research essay
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Details & Prompt:

Your lesson, textbooks, and discussions prepared you to write in the following genres or rhetorical modes:

  • argumentative research essay
  • persuasive research essay

You may use any, many, or all of these rhetorical modes. You may use something you already wrote for the forums which you have greatly improved or prepare something new.


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