Argument Analysis Essay

Argument Analysis Essay
As defined in Everything’s an Argument, an argument is anything
written, spoken, or visual that expresses a point of view or gives an
impression. This assignment asks you to explore an argument, utilize
rhetorical sensitivity, and evaluate its strength and weakness
according to the author’s use of the four argument appeals: emotion,
character, facts and logic, and value.
For this assignment, you will choose a strongly written argument that
is persuasive–not a plain, news article or informational piece. Again,
you are being asked to evaluate the argument according to the
author’s use of the four appeals; you are not being asked to discuss the issue of the article nor your opinion about the
Your audience is your class peers. Although they are doing the same assignment and understand argument appeals,
they are unfamiliar with the article you have chosen. Hence, it is your responsibility to convey your analysis in depth
and provide evidence to support your point, so they understand.
The Work in Progress and Polished Draft should be word-processed in a readable plain font, e.g. Times New Roma,
use third person pronouns only, and follow to MLA format.
o Although this essay is based on your opinion, it should be written using the third person point of view (POV)
because you are writing about another person’s work.
o For Third person POV, use “the author,” “the writer,” “he,” “she,” “it seems,” etc.; do not refer to yourself.
Guidelines for Choosing an Article
When choosing an article for this essay, follow the guidelines below:
1. Do not choose any article discussing abortion, the death penalty, same sex or gay marriage, gun control, or the
legalization of marijuana/weed. Set a high bar for yourself by trying to branch out into new subject areas.
2. Choose an article in which the author(s) takes a side on an issue and not just reports about it.
o General information and news articles are not appropriate for this assignment. Do not select research
studies or articles reporting the results of such studies.
3. To decide whether you have or have not chosen the right article for this assignment, try answering some of the
analysis question; see page three (3). This is a great way to test your selected argument.
o If you have in-depth responses to those questions, you’ve chosen well. Contrastingly, if you struggle
and/or don’t have much to say, choose a different argument.

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