Are on-line booking agents good for the hotel industry?

Developing and Expressing Ideas.
You can develop an idea by answering questions such as “what if?”, “so what?” or
“does this also mean…” You can also then go and find more evidence to support
your development.
You need to express all of your ideas clearly, so that they are easy for the reader to
Things to think about for this topic:
While it may be relatively easy to find evidence of the advantages of OTA’s (secure
booking, free cancellation, beneficial prices etc), it may be harder to find some
Here you need to look at the topic from different angles. For example, think about
the hotel – if customers come to them via an OTA, does the hotel actually “own”
that customer or do they belong to the OTA? Hotels also have to pay fees to the OTA
for the customers they send.
Think of it also from the customer point of view. Why do customers use/not use
OTA’s for their travel? Do some customers prefer to book directly with the hotel to
get better prices or service?
If you apply this type of questioning, you can then find evidence (references) from
your research to demonstrate the advantages and disadvatanges of OTA in a
balanced, critical essay!
Other ideas:
• You can look at the question from the point of view of the hotel, the customer
and the tourism industry. You could also look at more specific aspects such
Personal Customisation
Ancillary Revenue
• Financial Problems Related to OTAs
• Loss of Brand Control
• Market Exposures
• High Commission Fee
• Losing Loyal Customers

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Are on-line booking agents good for the hotel industry?
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