Anxiety-Related Symptoms

1. I feel more nervous and anxious than usual.

2. I feel afraid for no reason at all.

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Anxiety-Related Symptoms
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3. I get upset quickly or feel panicky.

4. I feel like I’mI’s falling apart and going to pieces.

5. I feel everything is all right, and nothing terrible will happen.

6. My arms and legs shake and tremble.

7. I am bothered by headaches and neck and back pain.

8. I feel weak and get tired quickly.

9. I feel calm and can sit still easily.

10. I can feel my heart beating fast.

11. I am bothered by dizzy spells.

12. I have fainting spells or feel like it.

13. I can breathe in and out quickly.

14. I get numbness and tingling in my fingers and toes.

15. I am bothered by stomach aches or indigestion.

16. I have to empty my bladder often.

17. My hands are usually dry and warm.

18. My face gets hot and blushes.

19. I fall asleep quickly and get a good night’s rest.

20. I have nightmares.

It is appropriate to use the scale in the diagnosis of anxiety-related symptoms. This tool is helpful for the nurse practitioner to identify anxiety problems and how it impacts daily patient life. This information is vital in formulating a treatment plan for the patient and ensuring that the patient gets the appropriate care


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