Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography


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Annotated Bibliography
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Lan, Y., Xia, Y., & Yang, L. (2021). Effects of servant leadership on the leader’s innovative behavior. Social behavior & Personality: Journal, 49 (10), 1-13.

This article discussed organizational behavior research and its effectiveness in organizations using a self-determination theory and broaden-and-build theory.  Through this research they utilized the moderate mediation framework, where a leaders accomplishments would mediate between the servant leadership and leaders innovative behavior. The results showed the indirect effect of servant leadership behaviors on their innovative behavior via a sense of accomplishment. This study was conducted to find out how servant leadership effects the leader, not so much the subordinates. The end state being if the leader is feeling motivated, that will trickle down to the employees.  This article is relevant due to it focusing on the leader himself, and proved if he is motivated and being a good servant, his employees will follow in suit. This article applies to the pillar of Servant Leadership and is scholarly because it is published in a peer-reviewed journal.


Roach, M. (2017). Encouraging entrepreneurship in university labs: Research activities, research outputs, and early doctorate careers. PLoS One, 12(2), 1-17. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0170444

This article discusses the ways in which university labs are encouraging entrepreneurship and the bearing it has on occupational paths. This study observes which type of university labs encourage entrepreneurship as well as what were encouraged by those labs. The author states, despite concerns, encouraging entrepreneurship has no effect with academia or the validity of the research being conducted. The main point of this article is ways entrepreneurship can be integrated by doctoral students into



their research leading into various career paths that can include an entrepreneurial aspect. This article applies to the pillar of entrepreneurship and is scholarly because it is published in a peer-reviewed journal.



Prisacariu, A. & Shah, M. (2016). Defining the quality of higher education around ethics and moral values. Quality in Higher Education, 22(2), 152-166


This article focuses on the relationship between ethics and growth in the population of students and how higher learning is conducted. The study looks at the history of higher education and its tactic to ethical standards and how they believe they are being lowered to gain entry, market share and how institutions are losing their moral compass. Additional topics of the article include definitions of quality in relation to ethics and morals. The information in this article is relevant, as it discusses the pillar of ethics in modern higher education and their impact on the quality of the education that is being received. This article is considered scholarly       because it is published in a peer-reviewed journal.


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