Analyzing Data in Excel Individual Project

Part 1. Analyzing Data in Excel Individual project

1. Your first step is to import data from web page

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Analyzing Data in Excel Individual Project
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Order Essay a. Register b. Find a data set BikeSharingWashington c. Download, unnzip and import the data to MS Excel File

In case of problems you can download the file from eCampus course Each row in the file presents total number of rentals for particular day. Seasons: 1 winter, 2 Spring, 3 Summer, 4 Autumn; Holiday:1 – for a public holiday; Weekday: 0-Sunday, 1- Monday,… Workingday: 0-Sunday 0 Saturday, other 1 2 types of users: casual and registered

2. Your task is to analyse the data taking into account the season and other data (see header data) a. Exclude the rows with messy data ->check the data (text, numbers), exclude not proper rows c. Format the header (make header more visible)

d. Add a column BikeType. Insert random data->city branded (with the city’s brand), pv.sponsor branded (with the private sponsor’s brand), pb.sponsor branded (with the public sponsor’s brand), no brand. e. Add the column price per/km. Add the random data range (0,5-1,5) USD.

3. Add a worksheet named AddInfo. a. Insert your student’s ID number b. Assume that there was a discount program that decreases the basic price for: season, month holiday or weekday. Describe created by your own system.

4. BikeSharingWashington: a. Summarize all digits of your students ID on the AddInfo worksheet and divide by the month of your birthday. The remainder of the division is the amount of the additional fee that must be added to the prices of the days with humidity (hum) greater than average and windspeed lower than average.

Create general formulas that can be copied and changed in an easy






5. Add a worksheet named Analytics. Following analysis are required in the model a. What is an average price for each season and bike type?

b. Which weekday had the biggest number of transactions? c. Which month was the highest humidity and lowest windspeed? d. What is the list of the 25% best days for sharing? e. Calculate how many bikes were rented in selected days of the month: 1:10, 11-20, 21-31. f. Create a chart showing mean price and total quantity considering days of the week. months. Use a picture of bicycle as a background of chart area. g. Show the list of days with number of casual rentals greater than average and number of registered rentals lower than average. h. Create the pivot chart for number of rentals in each month with defined slicer (type of bike type, day of the week.). i. Create additional 2 analysis

Part 2. Written report The report must be in English. It must be well-written and well- structured and should be readable without having to refer to any other material. The report should be 5-10 pages (including text, diagrams and screen captures.

The front page of the report must include the following information: student’s name, academic year and semester, group and the version of the software packages used to solve the problem.

Specifically, documentation should include the purpose and description of the task, the way the tasks were solved and screen captures of design elements as evidence of work done.


Detailed layout of the report:

1. The paper should consist of:

a. Title b. Introduction to the problem assigned c. Methodology of problem solving d. Results e. Discussion f. Conclusion


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