Analyzing a Social Issue

Analyzing a Social Issue (15% of final grade)

Find a debatable topic and use the classical argument structure to write your essay. You will use any work form the textbook that represents a debatable topic. Which you choose is your choice. In order for this essay to be successful you must discuss a highly debatable idea such as; death penalty, gay marriage, gun control ect..  This argument is largely dependent on appealing to the public with ethos, pathos and logos are essential in this model. Remember who you are speaking to.

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Analyzing a Social Issue
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Ask these inquire to yourself to write this argument; do not answer the questions literally in your paper.

            Your argument should have an introduction, narrative (thesis), break down, proof, refutation and conclusion.

  • 4 pages (not including works cited page)
  • 12pt font, times new roman, standard margins
  • The paper must follow MLA format
  • Unique title
  • No personal Pronouns
  • You must use 6 sources that are based on fact; such as library books, databases, and academic journals(one is the work you choose from the text). Citations should not be the bulk of your paper, no more than 20%.
    • Discuss the topic fully, using evidence from the sources
    • Support a clear thesis statement
    • Attribute and document accurately all information from sources
    • Draw an informed  conclusion based on the reading, your sources, and, if appropriate, your own experience
  • Complete this essay in several stages (for example: pre-writing, drafting, revising/ editing a draft) and submit the work for each of those stages at posted deadlines
  • Use Edited American English
  • Address an audience of your classmates and instructor


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