Analyze the NAFTA trade bloc

Your assignment is to analyze the impact that two trade blocs have on globalization. You will analyze the NAFTA trade bloc as well as one additional trade bloc from the list below.
To complete the assignment, you will write a minimum 4-page paper.
When analyzing each trade bloc, discuss:

  • The history and formation of the trade bloc.
  • The role that the countries involved in the trade bloc play in the global economy.
  • The impact of belonging to the bloc on each country‚Äôs government.
  • The economic impact of the trade bloc on the countries involved.
  • What the alternatives to membership in the trade bloc are for its member countries.
  • What issues the trade bloc has with other trade blocs.
  • Whether or not the trade bloc or any countries in the trade bloc have had a conflict with the World Trade Organization (WTO) or brought any disputes to the WTO.
  • How the trade bloc impacts you as a consumer.

Trade Blocs
You will analyze NAFTA for the first trade bloc. For the second trade bloc, you may choose from, but are not limited to, the following trade blocs:

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Analyze the NAFTA trade bloc
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  • European Union/EEA
  • CEFTA (Central European Free Trade Agreement)
  • CARICOM (Caribbean Community)
  • ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations
  • GAFTA (Greater Arab Free Trade Area)

Conclude your paper by discussing how globalization via trade blocs has impacted political and economic systems. Additionally, state why America plays such an important role within global, political, and economic structures in the 21st century.
You must incorporate outside research to complete this assignment. All research sources must be cited using MLA or APA format.


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