Analyze a Current Special Education Court Case

Purpose of Assignment: To analyze a current special education court case giving
particular attention to the issue under consideration, the court ruling, the IDEA principles
upheld by the ruing, and the impact of this course case on the ways schools function
Assignment Description: You will select one of the court cases listed below. After
researching the course case, you will prepare a presentation with the sections identified
Assignment Directions:
1. Select one of the following court cases:
● Cedar Rapids Community School District v Garret F (1999)
● Irving Independent School District v Tatro (1984)
● Lester H v Gilhool (1990)
● Oberti v Board of Education (1993)
● Board of Education of New York City v Tom F (2007)
● Forest Grove School District v TA (2009)
2. Research the court case.
3. Create a PPT presentation with the following sections:
● Court case title
● Parties involved
● Description of the problem
● Court ruling
● IDEA principles upheld by the court ruling
● Impact of the court ruling on practice in schools today
● Reference page with a minimum of 3 references supporting the PPT

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Analyze a Current Special Education Court Case
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