Analysing factual  texts 

This assignment requires students to assess and critically analyse one or two of the key issues, concepts, keywords or themes raised across the module in some detail. The assignment must address the above by paying specific reference to examples drawn from one of the following factual formats listed below.

Students must apply a concept to a textual example

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Analysing factual  texts 
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:-Broadcast news (eg The Channel 4 News, PM)

-Political discussion show (eg Question Time, Any Questions)-

Current affairs (eg Newsnight, Today)-

The talk show (eg The Jeremy Kyle Show)-

Documentary (eg Dispatches, The Report)-

Reality television (eg The X-Factor)-

Lifestyle television (eg How to Look Good Naked)

The essay should focus principally on one concept. It can refer to others in passing if there is significant overlap -eg if discussing impartiality in broadcast news it may be appropriate to briefly mention balance or objectivity. •Similarly, the essay should focus principally on one television, radio example.•Students are encouraged to engage with critical debates that may take place around their chosen example (eg a newspaper’s reaction to a broadcast).•If your analysis refers to specific episodes, you must ensure  you reference the text in full (eg original date of airing, URL for online viewing, channel name, etc).•Be careful not to dilute your analysis by trying to cover lots of areas superficially.•The essay requires students to be critical rather than descriptive. Describing the narrative of a text achieves very little in isolation other than to pad out the word count inefficiently.•Similarly, long general historiographies of concepts or formats are seldom conducive to critical analysis. Significant moments or developments are acceptable providing they pertain to the selected example.•The best work will demonstrate knowledge of the subjects, contextualising relevant themes and issues in relation to historical shifts and the contemporary television landscape.•The assignment should consist of your own analysis of a media text rather than paraphrasing an article by an established author. Higher grades will be awarded to work that is able to apply an argument/framework from one area and apply it to a different example –eg taking the work of Lunt and Stenner on The Jerry Springer Show and applying it to The Jeremy Kyle Show or Higgins’ work on newspapers and applying it to television news.•The essay should be 2500 words. It can go 10% either side of this target without penalty. grades can be penalised for failing to adhere to this target.Your essays must include critical reference to definitions of your chosen concepts from legitimate academic sources, either from within the recommended course reading or from your own independent research. Your assignments must be written entirely in your own words (except for properly acknowledged quotations). A bibliography must be appended. We remind you about, and emphasise the importance of the university regulations on collusion and plagiarism.


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