American Identity

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American Identity
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Do you think that our literature is a good representation of ‘American Identity’? Why/why not?

Literature to me is a window to that particular period in which a piece is written soul.  It gives you a glimpse of how society acts and conducts itself.  It gives you an idea of what are the social norms of the time, whether they are good or bad.  Examples in this class’s readings would be Washington’s works during post-revolutionary America, Harriet Beecher Stowe during pre-civil war America, Mary Rowlandson and early colonial America just to name a few.

Which was your favorite author/work this session and why?

Going into this class Poe was one of my favorites, however after reading Irving again, Irving took the lead.  I can remember as a young kid reading the legend of sleepy hollow and watching the Disney cartoon every Halloween.  I read Rip Van Winkle later in elementary school and also was the lead role in the school play by the same title.  I found the story Rip Van Winkle fun and had not read it in years until this class.  I still like Poe and remember watching old Vincent Price movies after school but also remember sometimes struggling through reading his stories too.  I just for Irving’s work more enjoyable and entertaining.  Good luck everyone and again congratulations.


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