Alternative and Augmentative Communication Systems

Explain the difference between alternative and augmentative communication systems and assistive technology. Provide an example of each and explain how you could use them in your future professional practice.

New Student Template

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Alternative and Augmentative Communication Systems
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Student Name: Grade: Age:

Special Education Testing and History

Areas of Disability (including data used to determine eligibility)

Effects of Disability on Other Areas of Student’s Life (academic, social, behavior, etc.)

Assistive Technology to Support Learning (Recommend one low tech and one high tech assistive technology and explain how it can be used to support learning based upon diagnoses.)

Low Tech:

High Tech:

Culture, Language, and Family Background Summary (including discussion of how these factors could influence student learning)

Suggestions for Techniques to Encourage Parental Collaboration and Communication (including discussion of strategies that are relevant to the family’s unique circumstances)


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