Aging of the Population

1. Due to aging of the population, counselors would need to develop skills in counseling older adults.

2. Due to both insurance companies and clients wanting evidence that they are getting value for their money, the need for outcome research would intensify.

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Aging of the Population
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3. Due to the centrality of family in a client’s life, counselors would need to incorporate family counseling into their skill set.

4. Due to the increasing diversity of the United States, counselor education programs would need to recruit and attract a more multicultural student population.

5. Due to the increasing diversity of the United States, counselors would need to become committed to multiculturalism.

6. Due to strong evidence of effectiveness, peer counseling and client networking would increase.


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7. Due to the fact that too few people know about the services counselors provide, a comprehensive and systematic national marketing campaign would be developed to impact the visibility of our profession.

8. Due to the possibilities offered by technology, coun- selors would make a major commitment to investigat- ing the utilization of computers and technology in counseling.

9. Due to the rapid expansion of knowledge, counselors would be challenged to keep up with new skills and information.

10. Due to increased public scrutiny, counselors would face increasing pressure to act ethically and within legal boundaries.

11. Due to clients’ increasing desire for information and resources, counselors would need to focus on self-help techniques.

12. Due to the rise of special interest groups pursuing important social issues, counselors would need to develop advocacy skills


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