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African Americans lack of access to social services

Over very many years the problem of unfair treatment of African Americans has been a common story, the people have been oppressed and ill-treated just due to their skin color. This has been a trend that has been on the rise as they do not get equal chances as white people, especially in the United States. No one chooses to be black or white it just happens naturally with the will of God, for this reason, no one should be treated badly due to the way they look. All human rights are meant to protect everyone regardless of age, gender, skin color, religion, or any other party that makes one different from the other, these rights are meant to make everyone equal and make them feel part of the community as an accepted individual. Even though this is the desire of the lawmakers and the hypothetical belief of what should happen to everyone, in most cases this is not experienced all the time (Sumerau, 2018). The most prevalent causes of discrimination and oppression are usually based on the race of a person.

The cause of most oppression and discrimination cases in the United States is race, in this case, the black people receive unfair treatment due to their skin color. Human rights are supposed to protect everyone in the country while freedoms are also supposed to be enjoyed by everyone equally. The law does not discriminate against anyone regardless of any difference. In this kind of situation, African Americans are not allowed to enjoy certain rights similar to the white people and this has been seen in education, religious freedoms, and the right to participate freely (Gilabert, 2019). These cases of segregation are not news to some people, organizations have been formed, campaigns done and other methods employed to help see that this disease is cured and the community is safe from these kinds of things.

Due to this kind of oppression based on race, the African American population has not had a steady development not only economically but also in terms of population growth. It is always the desire of the parent that a child born should live a good life, this may not be the case when these people are not allowed equal opportunity. Naturally, no parent would wish to see the child suffering in any way, parents will strive to give their children the best kinds of lives in every aspect, get them the best of quality education, ensure they have the best medical care among other human necessities (Schell et al 2020). This has not been the case for African Americans due to the continuous oppression from the white that has led them to fear for their children hence leading to a low number of new births, when happens the population of black people has negatively been affected over the years.

Due to the continuous oppression of the black people, on several occasions, the black people have faced untimely deaths at the hands of the oppressors. The most recent case was the murder of George Floyd, a black man who was killed by the police in broad daylight o the twenty-fifth day of May two thousand and twenty. George Floyd had been reported by a white store attendant that he had used a fake dollar bill at the store when he went to purchase cigarettes. Naturally, the use of a fake bill would not be accepted by anyone, therefore the law was to act against him (A.T et al 2020). The law enforcers have the mandate to protect every single citizen of the nation regardless of their race, this was the opposite as George met his death in the hands of the same law enforcers who are supposed to protect him. This is not the only case, several others have been experienced with very many instances of no action taken against the oppressors, African Americans have been arrested for no apparent reasons which have proven the dominance of racial discrimination in the country. These kinds of cases have led to serious setbacks in society and caused a huge rift among people of different races.

In the event of all these happenings, there are principles meant to guide the entire community, these are the natural law that is applied and not enforced by the made laws of the land. No one under any given circumstances is in the capacity to take another man’s life. This fact has been neglected over the years and faced with the challenge of implementation since the application is done only when talking about a white person, this should not be the case. This natural law should be embraced by everyone in society so that equality may be achieved every time.

Due to the rise in death rates especially killing of the black people in the United States, several measures have been put in place with the most prevalent being the establishment of the black lives matter motion. In this motion, a campaign is done so that awareness is created that even black people are humans and should therefore be respected by everyone. The black lives matter motion fights to create an equal opportunity for black people and to help people understand that they also deserve proper treatment in society. Laws have also been enacted that protect the black people and their interests as long as they are within the provision of the law, these measures have positively affected the people’s ideas on the African Americans. Also, there have been laws enacted that support the total involvement of the black people in democratic rights performance in taking part in elections in the country.

Federal laws are a set of laws that are meant to govern people within the borders of the country. These are laws that are created to protect each citizen in the country. The laws outline the freedoms and rights to be enjoyed by everyone within the borders of the country (El Sayed, et al 2019). These laws have helped impact positively the lives of people within the country. The right to life has promoted the stay of the black people as the law works to protect them from any kind of harm they might get and also encourages them to participate freely in matters of importance in the country such as education, participating in elections, and getting proper medical care. In my opinion, these laws have adequately tried to address the problem of social injustice in the country.



















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