Advertising and Media Plan

Assignment 2: Advertising and Media Plan (50% of total module mark)
Produce an individually written Advertising and Media Plan of 2,500 words (+/- 10% excluding bibliography and appendices) that adheres to ALL of the requirements of this assignment brief.
Based on the brief given below, produce a media plan, in report format, for the spending of the available media budget. Your report must incorporate critical evaluation of media channels and theoretical and practical (linked to the Storyboard) justification for all the media decisions your report makes.
Client Brief
Yorkshire Tea is a black tea blend produced by The Bettys & Taylors Group. It was introduced in 1886 by Charles Edward Taylor. Initially founded as CE Taylor & Co., later shortened to “Taylor’s”, the company was purchased by rival ‘Betty’s Tea Rooms’ which today forms The Bettys & Taylors Group.
The company is one of the few remaining family tea and coffee merchants in the UK, whilst competing with the British-owned PG Tips (Unilever) and Tetley (Tata), where Yorkshire Tea is now the third most purchased tea brand in the UK, overtaking Twinings and Typhoo. The tea market is in decline, from £699million in 2010 to £654million in 2015.
Devise a short term advertising strategy and supporting media plan (to run for six months), with significant focus on media decisions for campaign. The campaign needs to focus on sustaining their position in the market and competing more directly with the market leaders, within a budget of £1.5million. You do not have to account for advertising agency fees or creative and production costs as they are not included in the media budget. There are no restrictions on channels or media, as long as they fit within the budget.
Your media plan needs to incorporate…

  1. Critical evaluation of media channel options, bearing in mind the brand, its target market and the target audience for the proposed advertising campaign.
  2. A 9 square storyboard for a ‘broadcast’ advertisement – see below
  3. Detailed media plan (proposal) for presentation to the Senior Management team of the organisation featured in your chosen brief. This plan must provide justification for your channel recommendations and justification for all the specific media you are recommending be used within those channels.
  4. Budget breakdown by channel and by specific media within each channel.
  5. Schedule indicating when each media element will run during the overall campaign time frame, and which correlates with the budget breakdown provided.

You will receive a mark out of 100 for your Advertising and Media Plan, which will be assessed according to the provided assessment criteria grid. This will be weighted at 50% as a contribution to your overall module mark.
2016/17 Module Handbook 13
Advertising Storyboard (10% of total module mark)
Based on your recommendations for Yorkshire Tea, produce a 9 square storyboard to be included in the Advertising and Media Plan that outlines the sequence of key scenes (including setting, dialogue, actions, sound) that visualise your concept for a broadcast advert to be included in the Advertising Strategy and Media Plan.
The broadcast category utilised may be paid, earned or owned or a combination of any of the three. Note: it does not have to be specific to TV.
The storyboard will be logically developed from the Advertising Strategy in Assignment 2 and used to support the justification of the media plan in Assignment 2.
You will receive a mark out of 100 for your Storyboard, which will be assessed according to the provided assessment criteria grid. This will be weighted at 10% as a contribution to your overall module mark.

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