Advantage of Consumer Engagement

What is the advantage of consumer engagement in their health information and health records? What is the advantage of a patient portal for the patient? How can a patient portal benefit the healthcare organization?

Morgan Hinds

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Advantage of Consumer Engagement
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  1. The advantage of consumer engagement is very important because it allows the patient to be more in control of their life and their health and helps the doctors learn the patient more. The more engaged the patient is, the better the outcomes will be.
  2. A patient portal is a website that patients can get 24-hour access to personal health information anywhere with internet. Advantages for a patient portal is better communication, greater focus on patient care, optimize medical office workflow, better patient-physician relationships, and improve clinical outcomes. Online you can request refills, check benefits, complete forms, ask questions, etc.
  3. Benefits for healthcare organizations include enhanced patient-provider communication and empowerment. Patients get better one on one care with the patient in their own comfortable setting.


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