Addressing Security Breaches in a Retail Company IT Department

Subject: Security Privacy & Compliance

FINAL PROJECT & PPT slides (5 slides)

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Addressing Security Breaches in a Retail Company IT Department
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Note: Minimum 7 pages, APA Format, in-text citation and references needed, 5 PPT slides and needed PPT recording as well


Addressing security breaches in a retail company IT department:

You have been recently appointed as the CIO for a large retail company. You are charged with addressing data security that has been a major news item in the past six months where the customer sensitive data has been stolen by hackers. Fortunately, your company has not yet been significantly affected. Your CEO is very nervous and has tasked you to propose a plan to assure him that proper processes and policies are in place. At the same time, he has also cautioned that the IT budget cuts are forcing to do more with less. You are asked to provide a short term plan to put in place processes and policies to assure sensitive data confidentiality, integrity, and availability and a long term plan to proactively prevent security breaches in a cost-effective manner. Your proposal is due on April 15th. Make appropriate assumptions on current IT processes and policies in place and state them.  Identify gaps and propose countermeasures.


The output of the project SHOULD consists of:

1. A paper which must contain at least the following elements:

· Executive summary

· Problem statement

· Key requirements to address the problem

· Key research findings

· Solution options/conclusion/recommendations

· List of references

· Supporting material in Appendices

2, A presentation is based on the paper that:

· Consists of 5 slides

· Presents a convincing summary of findings

· Conveys key points to the audience

· Is succinct and to the point

The students are expected to read all the papers and provide written feedback to the author.


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