For your final Assignment, you will write a 6–8 page case study paper that describes a hypothetical person in two stages of life development. View the person as a hypothetical client if you are studying Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) or Addictions or as a participant in a longitudinal research study if you are studying General Psychology. The goal of this paper is for you to present a developmental profile of a person in two consecutive stages of life (e.g., early and middle childhood), explaining their individual growth using biological, social, psychosocial, cognitive, and environmental theories. Select developmental periods that interest you and that correspond to your future career plans. For example, if you are studying to be an addictions specialist and want to work with adolescents, you might select adolescence and early adulthood. To begin, select the scenario that corresponds to your concentration track; then, choose two successive developmental stages. Create an outline of the client’s different developmental features during each of the developmental periods. Write a paper that follows the sample case study format (see below the scenarios). You must use at least five primary source references that are from peer-reviewed journals and the class text. Addictions Client: Michelle Age range: you decide — example early adulthood (20–40 yrs.) to middle adulthood (40–60 yrs.). Michelle has been referred to you because she was arrested last week for possession of heroin with intent to distribute. She also tested positive for heroin and marijuana, adding to her charges. She has no history of prior treatment and is unwilling to enter treatment now, though she was court ordered. Questions to use to guide your response: 1. What are the main features of Michelle’s cognitive, social, biological, and psychosocial development during two developmental periods? 2. What developmentally appropriate interventions would you propose that could be used to help Michelle to reduce her cravings? 3. What predictions would you make for some developmental issues that might contribute to the addiction problems or prevent treatment from working?

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