Add and Multiply Three Integers

Add and Multiply Three Integers

In this assessment, you will design and code a simple Java application that reads in three integer values and prints out both the sum and the product of these three values.

To start the project in NetBeans, go to the File menu in NetBeans and select New Project. When the New Project dialog box opens, under Categories select Java with Ant, and under Projects select Java Application. Click the Next button and give the project an appropriate name. Note the location where the project folder will be saved so you can locate the project and zip it when you are finished. Click the Finish button, and the Java source code file will open in the editor portion of the window.

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Add and Multiply Three Integers
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Your program output should look like the sample output provided in the  Add and Multiply Three Integers Instructions [PDF]  course file resource. Full instructions for successfully completing this assessment are included in this resource. Use the  Week X Solution Submission Template [DOCX] .

Your assessment will be scored on the following criteria:

1. Design a program that meets Java arithmetic operators requirements.

2. Code an application that exercises fundamental constructs.

3. Test the application and document that testing.

4. Explain the approach taken to develop the application and the major decisions made.

5. Identify relevant fundamental constructs in a submitted program.

6. Communicate efficiently, effectively, and in an appropriate manner for an IT professional.


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