Adaptive Hardware

Writing assignment

Before working on the assignment, review the information in Module 3 including videos and websites. Review the ESE/ESL procedures in your district. Include current information from your location.

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Adaptive Hardware
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ESE/ESL – Adaptive Hardware — 10 Points

Review information and websites in Module 3 for special populations. Discuss the current trends in adaptive hardware for special student populations (ESE and ESL). Begin with an introduction. Include how these special student populations relate to administrative responsibilities in a school. Be sure you answer each of the questions

    1. Describe specific exceptionality categories of Exceptional students (ESE/94-142/IDEA).
    2. Match adaptive hardware or software to the specific needs of two (2) exceptionality categories of ESE students.
    3. Define 504 students. Describe two examples of 504 disabilities. Be sure your examples are clearly 504 handicaps and not disabilities that are normally viewed as ESE students.
    4. Identify two (2) examples of adaptive hardware or software are used by 504 students. Extra time is not adaptive hardware or software.
    5. Explain how English as Second Language [ESL] students identified for services at schools?
    6. Give two (2) examples of adaptive hardware or software used by ESL students.
    7. As an administrator, how do these special student populations impact what you will need to plan for technology use and teacher training?

In addition to the resources in the Course Module, you will need to do some research in your State/District on the ESE and ESL population policies, requirements, and procedures. Be sure you cite the sources of your information on your reference page.

You will have two weeks to complete this assignment. High-quality writing and information should be used in the assignment.

Your written assignment needs a title page, narrative text body, and a reference page. Be sure you have at least three (3) references for this assignment.

Paper Requirements:

  • FCE title page
  • Body of text 4-5 pages
    • Use references
    • Write in a scholarly manner
    • Proper pagination
  • APA/ Fischler format reference page with at least 3 references
    • Make sure your format is correct


  • Paper Outline:
  • Introduction
  • Characteristics of ESE Students
    • Adaptive Technology available to two ESE groups
  • Describe 504 Students
    • Two Adaptive Technology examples for two types of 504 students
  • How are ESL Students identified for services at schools?
    • Two examples of Adaptive Technology used by ESL students
  • How do these special populations impact how you plan for Special Student populations and for staff technology training?
  • Conclusion


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