Action Plan

Think of an action plan in which you were recently involved.  Which elements of the planning process were done well?  Which ones were done poorly?  What was the impact of these strengths and weaknesses on the outcome?

Respond to at least one of your colleagues.

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Action Plan
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Elements of Planning Process

Planning involves making decisions in advance on the time specific action plan will be done and the personnel responsible for carrying out those operations. It consists of diverse elements which, if followed, result in success but when ignored, the action plan will either fail or result in extra costs being incurred (Ferrell, Fraedrich & Ferrell, 2019). I was recently involved in material aid distribution to the most affected families as a result of coronavirus pandemic. The program involved soliciting funds from friends and local leaders and purchasing materials which were later distributed to the vulnerable families. I was able to identify various planning elements which were done well and others were done poorly.

Forecasting and flexibility are the elements which were more effective when carrying out the charity exercise. Team members were able to predict the number of families which required our supply thus enabling us to solicit enough funds. We were able to purchase enough material supplies for the vulnerable families. Moreover, our plan was not limited food materials unlike other charity programs we have had there before. The plan provided a room for other material like sanitary towels for the ladies in vulnerable families. We were also able to provide bathing soaps to ensure proper hygiene is maintained in the community. Moreover, the set objectives of the exercise were met as highlighted in the plan.

The plan consisted of definite rules and procedures which were to be followed by team members during the exercise. We were supposed to observe coronavirus precaution measures to ensure we do not contract or spread the virus to the community members. However, some overjoyed members of the society were unable to maintain the one meter social distance. This made some of our team members avoid those people which was termed as hostile. Moreover, the team took longer time encouraging and heartening the diseased families thus we were unable to meet our set timeline.


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